The One and Only

We are not ashamed of God and the power God has to change lives.

The Bible is our Handbook

Because the Bible is God’s Word, it will be the basis of our teaching, shape our ministries, guide our decisions, and govern our church life.

Thinking Outside the Church

God loves the people who live in our surrounding communities, so we think it is important to show His love for them in practical ways.  Because trusting in Jesus Christ alone is the only way to be saved, we will look for opportunities to share Christ to those within our circle of relationships. We will also support missionaries nationally and around the world with financial resources, leadership, and prayer.

Family Matters

We seek to create an environment that strengthens families. We emphasize the priority of spending time with our families, investing in our marriages, and parenting our children.

Prayerful Dependence

Because Jesus said “Apart from Me you can do nothing,” we will rely on God’s strength and guidance through consistent and widespread prayer at three levels: individually, in teams, and corporately.

Passionate Worship

We believe God is infinitely worthy of honor and praise, and we believe that we were created to worship Him. We seek to honor God and express our love and appreciation for Him individually and corporately.

Making Disciples who make Disciples

We seek to glorify God by reaching and discipling people for Jesus Christ so they in turn can reach and disciple people for Jesus Christ.

Excellence and Relevance

We value doing all things with integrity, excellence, commitment, and relevance. We live in rapidly changing times; therefore, we are always looking for creative and innovative ways to communicate the good news of Jesus without compromising or watering down our message.

People Matter

People matter to God; therefore, people matter to us. We support and encourage healthy Biblical relationships.

Leadership Development

Because godly, effective leadership is vital in the pursuit of our vision, we will plan for and invest in the development of leaders at all levels of church life.

We are in this Together

Because the Holy Spirit has given each Christ follower a spiritual gift (or God given ability) we are privileged and commissioned to use that gift so God is honored and the church family at Faith is encouraged and built up. 

Let’s Laugh

We believe God has a sense of humor, and we have fun.