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- www.biblos.com  (Online Bible Study Site)                                        
- www.blueletterbible.com  (Searchable Online Bible with Study Resources)
- www.preceptaustin.org   (Searchable Commentaries, Sermons and Other Resources for Bible Study) 
- www.monergism.com  (Articles, MP3s, and Resources on the Historic Christian Faith)
- www.desiringgod.org  (Dr. John Piper - Desiring God Daily Devotional)    
- www.leestrobel.com  (Lee Strobel is the author of "The Case for Christ."  
- www.gotquestions.org    (Answers to Frequently Asked Bible Questions         
- www.gty.org  (Dr. John MacArthur - Grace to You Radio and Resources)
  (Encounters With God Daily Devotional)
- www.executableoutlines.com  (Free Sermon Outlines and Bible Study Materials)


Disclaimer:  These sites are generally reliable, but we recommend that you always compare everything that you find with the Bible.